We’re building on our heritage to move the company forward, to be as innovative and relevant to today’s consumers and tomorrows.

It’s my privilege to lead this company as we strive to engage consumers with new and familiar products, all while minimizing our impact on the planet. We provide these finished denim goods to wholesalers and now we are also moving into retail. 

Our business named as ZS Apparel’ was named after my beloved mother Zubaida Shareef. Our logo colour scheme is red and black depicting a powerful and passionate image of our brand. We believe in hard work and therefore with our trained and determined workforce we are able to generate high levels of outputs. Punctuality is valued at our work place and we ensure timely provision of our products to wholesalers.

Today’s ZS Apparel is as relevant as ever, but we’re always looking ahead. And there’s more on the way. I’m honored to be a part of ZS Apparel and humbled to have the opportunity to lead this company as it continues an amazing journey.


Nadeem Chand